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Here you can find where Sambucha Kombucha is being stocked and when our upcoming markets will be om 

The Miller Of Mansfield

You can now order, Pick up, or enjoy a bottle of Sambucha Kombucha at the lovely Bar, Restaurant & Hotel, Miller Of Mansfield. Sambuchas ONLY Goring & Streatley location. 

It's Vegan Market Time! 

Take a gander at all of Sambucha's upcoming events! we've got vegan markets upon vegan markets ready to be attended. Come sample all of the fizzy booch goodness first hand every First Sunday of the month at Basingstoke vegan market and then again on the Third Sunday of every month at the Woodley Vegan market. 

All events are updated weekly and many more outings are in store! 


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Location: Reading, Pangbourne, Theale, Goring and Streatley, Henley on Thames, Wallingford and surrounding areas